Belarus unveils medals for 2nd European Games

Belarus has unveiled the medals for the 2nd European Games at a ceremony held in Mir Castle, BelTA has learned.

The design of the medals suggested by the 2nd European Games brand concept developer (Brama Branding company) resembles a fern flower, one of Belarus’ symbols. The medal is a classic circle, inside of which is a radiant element with blurred outlines. This is exactly what the Sun looks like on a bright summer day, which is meant to remind us of the time of the games. This cozy shape without sharp corners embodies the traits of the Belarusian people: softness, friendliness, amiability, love of nature. The medal is 9.5cm in diameter to reflect that the population of Belarus is 9.5 million. The case for the medals made of natural wood oozes comfort and warmth. It is associated with traditional Belarusian crafts, Belarusian nature, in particular forests. Here, in the heart of Europe, the legend says, you can find a wonderful fern flower which will make your dreams come true.
Unique technologies were applied in the manufacture of the medals, head of the Sens-Geraldika company Kirill Korolevich said. “I can say with confidence that these medals are unmatched in the world,” he noted. The frame of the medal is made of a special alloy — tombac. Depending on the type of the medal, the medals contain precious metals: 24 karat gold, 999-standard silver and bronze. Nano-diamonds are used to harden the precious coatings. This is the technology patented by Belarusian developers. One gold medal requires a quadrillion (1015) nano-diamonds. The process to manufacture one coin, which combines traditional techniques and nano-technology, takes about 20 hours. The medal weighs about 540g, is 9.5cm in diameter and about 1cm thick.
All in all, 1,084 medals will be made for the 2nd European Games: 329 gold, 329 silver and 426 bronze medals. The name of the sport and discipline is engraved on the reverse side of the medal. Each medal is packed in a case of solid wood featuring the logo of the games in colors corresponding to the place on the pedestal. “Honoring the winners has been an important sport tradition since the Olympic Games. At first it was a wreath of olive branches. Today we see the increasing use of modern technology. We can say with confidence that the European Games medals will be a dream come true not only for athletes but also for collectors,” CEO of the Minsk European Games Organizing Committee (MEGOC) George Katulin said. He said that all participants of the 2nd European Games and officials of sports delegations will be honored with commemorative medals — miniature copies of the medals. Minsk will host the 2nd European Games on 21-30 June. Over 4,000 athletes from 50 countries will compete for 199 medal sets in 15 sports. Tickets for the European Games are available at, in the box offices of the official ticket operator Ticketpro and also in more than 300 points of sale in regional centers and large district towns. You can buy corporate tickets via bank transfer. For this one needs to place an order on company letterhead containing the details, contact phone number and e-mail address, and fax it to: 8-017-392-67-70 or e-mail: