About 100 dogs to keep Minsk European Games safe

About 100 dogs are deployed to ensure security at the competition facilities of the 2nd European Games, Aleksandr Bakun, the head specialist of the K9 service at the main directorate of the commander of the internal troops of the Internal Affairs Ministry of Belarus, said in an interview with the ONT TV channel on 16 June, BelTA has learned.

According to him, the competition facilities of the 2nd European Games are under 24/7 protection of the K9 service. “The work is harder in view of the heatwave. But we have dogs in reserve. Specialists of the veterinary service are on stand by, ready to help us anytime,” he added.

Sniffer dogs can recognize two million different scents. The working capacity of dogs is constantly checked. If a dog feels tired or exhausted, it is given a break immediately and replaced by another one.

Minsk 2019 is the second European Games and will feature approximately 4,000 of the continent’s best athletes from 50 nations competing in 200 medal events across 15 sports. Eight of the sports will offer qualification opportunities for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.