Lukashenko calls for strict control in agriculture

The whole cycle of agricultural works throughout the year should be taken under strict control, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said at a meeting to discuss the performance of the country’s oil refining industry, BelTA has learned.

According to the head of state, food supply will become the burning issue in the world. “Oil is important, but you won’t serve it as a meal,” the president stressed. “This is why I urge to finish the spring planting campaign as soon as possible and take the whole cycle of agricultural works throughout the year under strict control. This is the responsibility of the president’s aides and inspectors for regions,” he added.

The head of state pointed out that the country’s food security should be given top priority. “This is our top priority and there is nothing more important that this,” he said.

Aleksandr Lukashenko inquired about the provision of fuel for the spring field works and the problems the agriculture is facing today. “I pay special attention to this. You see that not only international organizations are talking about a possibility of famine in the near future. It is on everyone’s lips now, including heads of the most advanced countries. This is why agriculture, first of all, the current planting campaign, is the most important area we should focus on,” the head of state stressed.

The president also voiced some critical remarks about the spring field works, including insufficient measures to preserve soil moisture. “Despite the fact that moisture evaporates from soil in the blink of an eye (frost at night, sun in the morning), some have not done enough to conserve moisture. Especially in Minsk District, which is strange, given its vast fields. Can’t you understand that first of all you should prepare the soil with a cultivator to conserve moisture. The fields are located very high, there is a lot of sand in the soil. So do everything to work in this direction,” Aleksandr Lukashenko urged.